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Umm.. where do I even start?
I’ve looked all over for the perfect breeder and none caught my eye, until I saw Suzie’s dogs! My goodness they are spectacular and so well taken care of! Immediately I knew she was the one, not only did Suzie explain everything down to the T, but she also doesn’t sell for money, she’s literally growing her AshtonHaus family and that’s what I love! Some breeders will sell you the dog and that’s that! Not Suzie, she’s always there for us no matter what litter!
So, I put my deposit down October 2019 (knowing I might have to wait a while, but it’s ok as I was still grieving over the loss of my previous dog. It gave me some time to heal my little soul) so the time flew by and by July 13, 2020 the M Litter was born! We received updates all the time it was fun watching them grow and fumble around.
We picked her up at LAX
September 25th 2020 and immediately I fell in love with her. She’s super spunky (a bit of a bully lol) and still has much to learn about how to act around our very small chihuahua and other dogs, but I know she’ll get there. She’s very smart and we hope to continue to grow and learn with her. We’re so happy to be apart of the AshtonHaus family!
Meet Miska Vom AshtonHaus
Aka: Kuma!
THANK YOU SUZIE, from the bottom of our hearts we love you and thank you for entrusting us with one of your babies.
We’re so happy to be apart of your family!

Angel H.


Suzie is a very knowledgeable breeder of beautiful and healthy German Shepherds. She is willing to help out in any way she can.
We purchased an 8 month old female from her that has a wonderful temperament and is very good with my girls. I have already, and will continue to recommend Vom AshtonHaus German Shepherds to anyone looking for a top of the line Shepherd.

Aaron H.


Amazing dogs and great breeder has alot of compassion for the shepherds. Can't go wrong here. I know her personality and have also dealt with her. Great business here. Look no further

Tom F.

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Khaos, now known as Klaus (from her K-litter) is amazing! He is beautiful and his temperament is perfect. Suzie is wonderful to work with! I couldn’t be happier!! I highly recommend Vom AshtonHaus German Shepherds.

Holly M.


The name is not just a name. She represents home, family, love , compassion, honesty and the real thing. Her love for her dogs and the sacrifices she makes for herself for her dogs to have the best start to finish. I know the feeling of wanting nothing and giving all to your animals. It’s a reward actually it gives happiness knowing how happy the animals are in the end. I have owned now two of her dogs. One a rescue and one purebred. Both without a Doubt best dogs ever. Loving , caring, wants to please , always by your side. Knowledge they are always eager to learn. The look and health is spot on no filters . You get a sound puppy. I have looked at other sights other breeders and not all information is given or the pictures don’t look just right. Suzie is the real deal from start to finish . Love her videos and picture updates keeping puppy parents up to date in a daily basis. It’s a no other feeling when your watching your pup before u get him. My Bear from her F litter is just amazing. Cuddle bug , smart , quick learner . He is my traveling buddy goes everywhere with me and for a active dog to be able to adjust at two is amazing. They are truly amazing. Bear is my therapy dog. Suzie’s dogs can be anything they are so good. Therapy, service, public or private. I just can’t say enough about how happy and pleased with the family Suzie has built with her puppies and puppy families. We stay in touch through Facebook and jam friends with people I don’t know because of the connection with the puppies. She is always here for you for what ever you need . A friend or advise and help with your puppy she is there. You don’t just take a pup home and feel alone you take a whole family with you around the world.

Dawn B.


I had been searching for about a year for a quality long coat German shepherd puppy when I came across Vom Ashtonhaus German Shepherds. It was the best decision I have ever made. Suzie is wonderful and extremely knowledgeable on the breed. I would highly recommend her. We picked up our puppy Wednesday and he is such a joy. He's done really well with the crate training and is very smart. Suzie is the best.

Diane H.

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