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Yu Vom Huhnegrab

V1 Yu Vom Hühnegrab IGP3 KKL. (Lifetime) (SV) HD A1 Normal (zw 75) / ED Normal. DM Free N/N DNA: Geprüft LUW 0 Height: 64.1 cm ZW 99 Körung: Character Assessment by Judge/Körmeister Lothar Quoll Overall verdict: Above-medium-size, medium-strong, substantial, very well pigmented, expressive head with a dark mask and dark eyes, good topline, sufficiently long croup, very good angulations, balanced chest proportions, straight front, almost straight steps, strong replenishment, step forward is good. Safe being, TSB pronounced. Addition to the overall assessment: Yu has an outstanding temperament. Very well balanced. Strong character. Markings and pigment are very Rich and deep. Mahogany red and Rich deep Black. Stunning stature. Type and expressive male with the correct standard size. Owner: Suzie Ashton, Vom AshtonHaus German Shepherds (USA) Pedigree:

Price: $12,500 USD

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Yu Vom Huhnegrab at the BSZS in 2021

You competed in Nurnburg, Germany in 2021 in the  Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2021 (BSZS 2021).

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