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Vom Ashton Haus German Shepherds

We are a family owned  Kennel breeding top quality long coat West German Showline German Shepherds.  Our dogs are registered through AKC, SV, and FCI. All our dogs come from top Sieger winning showlines and kennels in Germany. We work with a team in Germany and the Netherlands to ensure we purchase the best dogs and our dogs receive the best training for their titles. Our dogs are health tested and Hip and Elbow certified. We strive for sound temperament and correct conformation to the SV Breed standard. We breed medium drive dogs for families and individuals. Sometimes times we will have a high drive working dog in the litter. Our Goal is to  produce well tempered and anatomically correct German Shepherd dogs that will be a suitable for family, showing, and working. All our dogs are bred for sound temperaments and companionship with the added bonus of true beauty.

We do not breed for money or accolades. We breed because we love the German Shepherd dog and we want to better the breed by doing our best to follow the breed standard set forth. All of our puppies are hand raised in our home with other pets, kids and the daily noises and experiences of life.  We imprint on our puppies from the minute they are born. Puppies are safely exposed to our 2 acre horse property. Puppies also experience our beautiful swimming pool.

Our mothers are kept with their pups in our house and never taken away before pups are ready. We do not raise our litters in outdoor Kennels. They are proudly in-home hand-reared to have that bond with humans. We provide families with well tempered companions, guardians or champions in any sport you choose from Schutzhund, working dog, Agility, or Law Enforcement.   We want you and your family members to journey through life with a well balanced AshtonHaus dog. 

One of our top priorities is we love to keep in touch with all the families whom choose our dogs to add to their families and love. We are happy to help with any future needs as well as training, advice and nutrition. Suzie Ashton holds a degree in Animal Psychology and Behavioral Studies with a certification in Animal Science Nutrition. If you live in the Phoenix area, free puppy training is available. You become a part of our AshtonHaus family. We are there for you. We offer continued training, advice, and support throughout your journey with our AshtonHaus pups. We are AshtonHaus Family.

Thank you for stopping by we're happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

- Suzie AshtonHaus

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